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03 April 2010 @ 08:59 pm
Today is saturday~huhu....I really nervous right now~~i think a week is really not enough for me to do my revision~~bcoz i really take time to revise all the topics~especially for Gastrointestinal System & Central Nervous System Modules.....yaaaaaaaaaa....i hope i can do well,and really hope that I can pass all the papers...i don't want to fail any paper again for this semester!because i' already has 3papers to re-seat this May...omg,seems like time really fast passing by~~huhu....

Writing this seems can relax my mind a bit~after reading the lecture notes unstoppedly....
After this final exam is finished,i'm going to have only 2-3weeks of holidays only..huhu....then,entering third year.....i can't wait to be a 3rd year student!!~fuuhhh....entering clinical year of medical school....

huhu...i need to continue my revision back....again to read,understand,and memorise all the notes....

Fighting!! for me~~Ganbatte!~JiaYou'~~~Berusaha!~~Himnae~~...lol,that's a variety of language~...

For ending,got to put TVXQ saying "Fighting"~~~wakaka

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27 March 2010 @ 11:32 pm
Micky Yoochun is always the best to me~~keke...!!Here are some of my favs animated/GIF pics of him!~I just love animated images...kekeke...

Here is when he looks so cool& very manly~...=)...hehehe,doesn't he?..

and below - my fav hairstyle of yoochunnie~I really like this one...he is soooo LOVELY~~♥♥♥

yoochun's waving~~keke...cute side of him!!...

playful side of chunnie~LOL..maybe he felt so bored,but he played alone?...keke

and lastly,ending with Chunnie's killer smile!~...love it~

TVXQ FIGHTING!!!~Always Keep The Faith~~
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08 November 2009 @ 02:34 pm
i really want nobody but you,our LEADJA PARK JAEBUM!!~~
it's really good that HOttests never give up to do anything just to make jay come back....

btw, i miss the moments where jay and other 2pm members together....
it's really heartbreaking seeing the 2pm new teasers with no jaebum....it's really weird and awkward to see only 6 not 7~~~~NO!!~hottests want jay too~JYP,pls....

this wonder girls 'Nobody' song is dedicated to You,leader JAY~
Hottests MISS U~~
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11 October 2009 @ 11:51 pm

ermmm~~i really MISS TVXQ as ONE!~,that's why i'm posting this ~~*firstly,sorry if my english not so good here,maybe*
and...yup,i'm still happy to see tvxq now ...i mean~
Read more...Collapse )ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!
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